Welcome to RocketMommy!

Hi, everyone!  I’m Katrina.  I’m a stay-at-home mom with three little kids, and as they grow, I’m finding myself with more and more fun ideas of things to do with them and needed a place to write them all down.  This isn’t a “mommy blog” where you’ll learn how to parent the perfect Pinterest way, and it’s not the type of “craft blog” where everything is flawless and photographed professionally on a barnwood background.  It’s just me, coming up with some cool stuff now and then and sharing for anyone else who wants to try it.  Forgive my photos, please – they will mostly be taken with my iPhone, minimally edited, likely poorly lit, and have random crap in the background.  Who has time for an SLR and Photoshop anymore?!

A little bit about me:  I used to do a lot of different things.  I was an art department and props person ages ago in film and TV, and then I was an English and Drama teacher with a bit of graphic design and event coordination on the side.  We had our oldest son, G, in 2011, and two years later we had a surprise set of boy/girl twins, g and C.  Life is a little crazy, the house is never clean, and I am overwhelmed a lot of the time, but we still try to have fun and most of the time we succeed.

G is my main inspiration for the projects you’ll be seeing on here.  He is an amazing little guy – smart, funny, and hyper-focused on whatever his interest may be at that particular moment.  At age two he wanted to golf all day long, by age three he’d developed a love for all things Pixar (particularly that hopping lamp!), and now at four he’s fascinated by all things space.  The twins look up to their older brother and want to do everything he does, so with three budding astronauts in the house, I’ve become their Rocket Mommy.  So climb aboard my rocketship and let’s go on an adventure together!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to RocketMommy!

  1. hi there i see you are based elsewhere and im in South Africa and would like you help. I’m planning a bday for my son and need someone in South Africa Joburg. Any clue or have you heard of one person who is as great as you are. PJ Masks is a favourite show for my son.

    1. Hello! I wish I had a referral of someone near you, but unfortunately, I don’t know a single person in South Africa. Good luck with your party planning, though – I would love to see how it comes out!

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