Big Hero 6 – Baymax Treats and Snacks, Part 2

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Yesterday I shared some Baymax Oreos as a fun sweet treat for your little Big Hero 6 fans, and today I’ll show you how to make an easy Baymax snack that’s perfect for a party platter or a lunch box. It’s Baymax cheese!

I admit, I thought I came up with this idea all by myself, and I was super proud of it…and then this blog post popped up in my Pinterest suggestions and I felt much less original, haha.  Oh well.  My version has one added step and one simplification, so it’s not 100% the same.

First, you need to buy yourself some Babybel cheese.  These are those little round cheeses that are wrapped in red wax. I used to love these as a kid, not necessarily because I thought the cheese was awesome, but because you could take the red wax wrapper and sculpt things with it!  It was like a snack and a toy in one neat little package!

(I included the link up there in case anyone wants product information, but that’s an insane price – they sell this stuff at pretty much any grocery store and it’s not expensive).

Anyway, take the plastic wrapper off your Babybel cheese round, and turn it so that the little string you use to unwrap it is off to one side (you’ll want to keep that intact so the cheese can be unwrapped easily, so try not to cut through it).  Using a sharp knife, cut out the shape of Baymax’s helmet face shield – keep this in one piece.

Then, carefully remove the piece that you cut out and lay it flat.  Cut that little wax piece in half diagonally, so you’ll have two pieces that are kind of teardrop-shaped.

Take those two little red wax apostrophes and stick them down on the round red wax so they look like Baymax’s little ears.  Or maybe they’re horns?  Hard to say.  Use your fingernail to push the edges of the little pieces down to the rest of the wax so they’ll stay in place.

You’re almost done!  Now you just need to decorate your cheese with Baymax’s eyes.  The blog I linked above suggests cutting black olives into tiny dots and lines and inserting them into your cheese, and I’ve seen other Big Hero 6 lunchbox ideas that use nori (seaweed) cut up into tiny shapes.  You could do either of those, or you could make it easy on yourself and get a set of food markers that you can whip out for occasions just like this.

It’s not perfect, but it works well enough to get the point across for a kid’s snack, and it’s a lot easier than cutting out tiny pieces of seaweed.  And that’s it!  It’s ready to be added to their lunch box, set out on a platter as party food, or served alongside their impressive, healthy, delicious lunch of cut-up bologna, crackers, and grapes.  (Note to self: next time, prepare some kind of kale-and-quinoa salad so the whole world doesn’t know that you feed your kids bologna and crackers and call it lunch).

My kids were utterly thrilled to see these little guys on their lunch plates.  Like, seriously, ridiculously excited.  When that died down, only one of the three of them actually ate the cheese – one licked it and set it back down, and the other had the tantrum of the century when I showed him how to take Baymax’s “armor” off and wanted me to “PUT IT BACK ONNNNNNN!!!”  But you may have better luck, so you should give this a shot!